February 14, 2010

Radio Shack PRO-107 iSCAN Radio Scanner

RadioShack has just released its all new PRO-107 iSCAN radio. The PRO-107 iSCAN radio is the first of its type to have the look and feel of an mp3 player or even the Apple iPhone.

 iSCAN combines the simplicity and ease-of-use of a portable media player with the power and sophistication of a state-of-the-art radio scanning receiver.

DISCLAIMER: Now, I have not had the oportunity to try the iSCAN radio as I already have a trunking two trunking scanners for use, but I did read the iSCAN manual (although, I am gonna save up to try it).

No Programming Neccessary!

I can already tell what the best feature the PRO-107 iSCAN radio sports. That would be that all frequencies are already programmed into the iSCAN! The entire USA database from RadioReference is stored in on a standard SD card that is included with iSCAN!

This means no more programming! What could be more easier than that! You simply select from a list your state, county and city and of course you can choose multiple cities/regions to monitor. You can then add your selections to any one of 20 customized playlist.

The iSCAN radio runs on two AA batteries and has a simplified keypad and display with familiar play, pause, and navigation controls, similar to an mp3 player (check out the manual  for a peek).

Bottom line: The iSCAN radio is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket and seems to be an outstanding choice for novices and those who don't wish to "play" with the scanner, but rather just listen.

Check out some of these features:
  • Triple Trunking Handheld Scanner
  • Motorola Analog, EDACS, LTR Trunking 
  • MP3 Player Style Controls
  • SAME (FIPS) / Weather alert
  • Skywarn
  • Spectrum Sweeper
  • Backlit Keypad and Display
  • PC Interface
  • And MUCH MUCH MORE! (Too many to list here! See our trusted partner, Scannermaster, for a complete list of features and reviews!) 
Frequency Coverage:  
  • VHF Low: 25.0000 - 54.0000 MHz
  • VHF Aircraft: 108.0000 - 136.9916 MHz
  • VHF High: 137.0000 - 174.0000 MHz
  • VHF High: 216.0025 - 222.2500 MHz
  • VHF High: 225.0025 - 405.9550 MHz 
  • UHF Low/T: 406.0000 - 512.0000
  • UHF High: 806.0000 - 960.0000 MHz (excluding cellular)
  • UHF High: 1240.0000 - 1300.000 MHz
Box Includes:
  • RS PRO-107 iSCAN Radio Scanner
  • Rubber Antenna
  • USB Cable
  • SD Memory Card
  • CD-ROM
  • User Manual 
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- RF
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Alex said...

Hey i am wondering to buy radio scanner with the help of that I can listen taxi transmission, shopping detail etc

Ruben Flores said...

Hi Alex,

Taxi Comms and shopping malls, etc, nearly always take place over the "Industrial/Business pool frequencies" also known as the "Business Band". The regulations listing frequencies in this pool are contained in Subpart C of Part 90, Title 47 of the CFR and covers a series of frequencies on the VHF and UHF two-way radio bands. They are reserved for use by businesses, and in some cases, by individuals.

The electromagnetic spectrum between approximately 450 and 470 MHz is used largely for UHF business communications, although this spectrum is not exclusively for business use. There are also a number of specific frequencies, in both the VHF and UHF spectrum, that are for business use; some of these have color-coded names, such as Blue Dot or Red Star.

For more information, check out my "Radio Frequency Bands" page at:

+ Police-Scanner.info - Radio Frequency Bands

As for a radio scanner to monitor the business band, any basic-end conventional scanner will work fine. If you are in the market for a newer model scanner, see our trusted partner Scannermaster at the link below:

+ Scannermaster Police Scanners, Software, & Accessories

Hope this help. Good luck and happy scanning!

-RF, Bloghost

resume cv said...

Would like to get my hands on that radio. I'm sure it was easy to use.

Police Scanner said...

Awesome information. I did not know there was a business band.

Brady said...

The PRO-107 is ok, but when they claim to have ALL US freqs pre-progremmed, they are WRONG! There are some general freqs for each big city in most states, but nothing close to what I already have manually entered into my 15 old scanner.

Then to make things worse, the CD-ROM installed once on my XP Laptop, and will not open/run so I can't manually enter the Depts I want. There is zero support for the software by Radio Shack. The uninstaller part of the program opens but can't find the original source folder even though I point it right to any and all of the folders on the damn CD-ROM. Does anyone know where I can get a better version? The antenna is ok, but I suggest getting a specific freq range rubber ducky ant. for your monitoring range. I AM RETURNING IT ASAP!