September 13, 2010

Getting Your Radio Scanner Repaired

So you dropped your scanner and now it doesn't work. Or, your scanner just stopped working unexpectedly!?! It happens. It's happend to me several times over the last 28+ years of scanning.

What to do? Buy a new one? Well, maybe if you have the cash laying around. However, that may not be an option with today's expensive digital scanners. Why not have it repaired?

Radio Scanner Repair Services

The following are known reputable radio scanner repair service centers. I have personally used Radio Shack and Uniden for my scanner repairs because of their quick turnaround time, however G&G Communications has been around for many years and are well known in the scanning community.

So, if your police scanner is in need of repair, check out the following repair services:
  • Radio Shack Repair Service 
    Repairs Radio Shack Pro Model scanners.Repair fees are around $40 flat fee with a $10 deposits. Average 10-15 day service turnaround with 90-day warranty. Visit a Radio Shack near you for complete details or click here to view their store locator.
  • Uniden America Corporation 
    4700 Amon Carter Blvd.
    Fort Worth, TX 76155-2297
    (800) 297-1023, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
    (Central Time, Monday through Friday)
That's it for now, till next time stay safe!

If you have any comments about this post or if you have used any of the above services and want to share your experience with others, please post in the comment section.



ajlounyinjurylaw said...

Thanks for the list, now I know where to go.

Tyler said...

thanks for the list.

Anonymous said...

I bought two Radio Shack police scanners--one year apart, about two years ago for Christmas presents. Both have stopped working. Radio Shack personnel told me to take them to a local repair shop, where I was told it was just as cheap to buy new ones. Does this sound correct to police scanner experts?

Anonymous said...

Can I get two Radio Shack non-working police scanners repaired.

One is two years old, the other three years old.