February 13, 2012

Incident Audio - Paramedic Falls from Overpass

Last Thursday (2/9), I featured an article on our Facebook page about Alexandria Fire Department Paramedic Joshua Weissman (33), who fell from a bridge overpass while at the scene of a car fire and was critically injured.

Unfortunately, Weissman has died from head injuries sustained in the fall. 

Although the accident is still under investigation, it is believed that Weissman was climbing over a cement barrier to get to the vehicle when he fell through the gap and into Four Mile Run Creek, approximately 30 feet below the interstate hitting his head on rocks in the shallow creek. 

In addition, a link to the audio recording of the dispatch and rescue operations of fellow firefighters working to save Weissman during this incident is included below. I have also put together an interactive Google map of the incident scene location for reference while listening to the audio recording of the incident.
You can read about the incident at the following link:

Alexandria VA Paramedic Accident Audio 2/8/12 
(20min:52sec) Audio recording of the dispatch and rescue operations during this incident.

RIP Paramedic Joshua Weissman - Thank You for Your Service & Sacrifice - Last Call 02/08/12

Funeral Arrangements for Weissman are set for this Wednesday (Feb. 15)

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February 4, 2012

Police Scanners in the News

The following incidents in the news highlight the use of radio scanners for criminal activity, and in some instances, helping the community.

+ Teen Impersonating Police Officer Back in Custody
Matthew Scheidt, 18, is back in Miami-Dade County Jail  after police said they accidentally released him from the county jail. Authorities said they originally arrested Scheidt after they found him with an officer's badge, T-shirts and several weapons. "Several other items were found in the vehicle, to include an Osceola County badge, several T-shirts from the same county, one that said 'Sheriff's Deputy' on it, as well as a Taser," Read more...

+ Albany Man Arrested After Using Scanner App
Mann, Officer Michael Geraci, immediately recognized him as being the individual who was responding to police calls in the Center Square neighborhood over the past several months. Read more...

+ Flint Residents Use Scanners/Facebook to Watch Out for Community
Twenty-fours hours a day, seven days a week, a group of Flint area citizens are posting scanner traffic to Facebook. "Anytime anyone does something about what's going on in their neighborhood I say good for them, more power to them . It's all a big plus," said Flint Police Capt. Tim Johnson. Capt. Johnson says while scanner traffic may not always be accurate, getting information out helps. "The more information that is out there and the better stream of information that flows, the better for the community, the better for police and the worse it is for criminals," said Capt. Johnson. Read more...

+ Civilian Hears About Manhunt on iPhone App; Tackles and Restrains Suspect
He used a police scanner iPhone app to listen in to what was happening and learned that Ohio County Sheriff's Deputies were searching for a burglary suspect in a wooded area. The combination of a keen eye, quick thinking and technological savvy led to a civilian finding, tricking and restraining a burglary suspect. Read more...

+ Charlotte City Council Votes on DNC Convention Security Rules
Charlotte City Council members have approved new security rules to prevent violent protests during the upcoming Democratic National Convention. Among the many items prohibited for security reasons are police scanners. Read more...

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